Alison Squire

Alison Squire has steered her way through the maze of business communication, resilience, bespoke training and events.

Alison is an experienced communication professional and project leader with over 20 years’ experience of creating, developing and delivering stories in a variety of settings, including global network communications agencies, charities and  international blue chip companies.

Alison’s passion for storytelling developed naturally from her professional need to create communications that could cut through the ever increasing volume of background noise. With people exposed to 100s of communications a day, creating stories is a way to package information that can be delivered in the right way and at the right length for the occasion and audience.

Alison has created and delivered a wide variety of stories:

  • knowledge stories – used to deliver business-based training
  • compelling stories – used to support charities with fundraising, strategy and communications
  • brand stories – for developing brand vision and supporting communication campaigns
  • corporate stories –  used with staff and customers  in times of change and growth

At South London Story Telling Alison advises on and monitors the setup of all our projects. As an effective leader her role is to:

  • inspire and motivate the teams
  • ensure the project plan delivers the project on brief, on time and on budget

Alison is currently working on a number of new projects, including a couple of third-party promotions with well-known brands, and a communication campaign for a major UK-based charity.

Alison is available to consult on your needs as a business to develop strategy and change programmes or bespoke training with a story and narrative perspective.