Business, Sponsorship & Thank You’s

A Huge Thank You to the following who have contributed to this Project so far:

Bunny Martin, Finnian Fitzpatrick, Tracey Vickers, Dave Greensil, Beth Gannon, Jacqui Deans, Susan Rentoul, Tapart Project, Andrew Royce, Ros Pines, Mary Craig, Rachel Royce, Hazel Fletcher, Julie Royce, Fio Adamson, Doreen Willis, Lucinda Denning, Matt Need, Katherine Hubbard, Lorna Rea, Alan Wilkinson, Rachel Manolson, Karen Royce, Julia Davis, Gail Ariga.


Supported by blueChestnut-Grove-Col

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In addition to: Furzedown Community and InTent Productions

And a big thank you to:

Wandsworth Arts Development Team

Wandsworth Big Society

Wandsworth Family Learning

Wefixnow emergency repairs   

Work & Play Scrapstore