About Us

South London Story Telling is a not-for-profit organisation which produces highly successful story and art events in site specific spaces, founded by Alison Royce and Alison Squire.

Founded by Alison Royce from Storystream and Alison Squire, a training and marketing consultant, South London Story Telling has grown from work previously done under the auspices of Storystream. The first Tooting Story Walk, The Jigsaw Horse , was created in collaboration with Belinda Sosinowicz from Taparts in 2013, and was a phenomenal success. The following year the second story walk, Sir Owain and the Lady of the Well, built on the success of the first and had the feel of a mini festival with over 400 people attending , from small children to aging grandparents. The South London Story Telling collective, incorporating Storystream, is now widening its wings to bring the skills, benefits and pleasures of storytelling to the South London community and beyond.

From within the community, engaging with school children, to helping facilitate creative thinking and job skills for adults and young people in the world of work and within a more corporate work space, South London Story Telling creates inventive, inspirational events, programmes, projects for public and private sector and community organisations.

We create site specific pieces to immerse, engage, challenge and entertain. Our links with collaborating artists, community groups, businesses, both large and small, are strong. All projects have served as celebrations that engage participants in artistic and social activities with a narrative that connects and inspires; giving things an underlying story structure makes magic from the outset.

‘Alison’s strengths as project manager and her passion for storytelling which I can unite with my art form is just a joy!’
Julie Norburn
Director of Art4space

‘I just want to congratulate you on the most magnificent day. We enjoyed every minute of it storytelling marvelous, singing marvelous, and the guy with the drum, Poppy (age 7) was transfixed. We spent almost the whole day there and it was brilliant.’
Amy Adams

Please contact us if you would like to discuss any projects

Click here to see our Pied Piper Parade

Tales of The Pied Piper was a fabulous local community event and Storytelling Festival run by South London Storytelling with art workshops, dance performances, circus skills, debates, magic shows, drumming circles, a steel pan band, Bedford Pub folk bands, choirs, fire-eating and a BAR! with a special appearance by the rock band Alabama 3.

From within the community engaging with school children to helping facilitate creative thinking and job skills for adults and young people in the world of work and within a more corporate work space. For more information do get in touch.