Three Little Pigs



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See below a review of The Three Little Pigs at Ronald Ross Primary School:

September 24th – October 26th 2012


Over five weeks Alison Royce from Sprout Arts collaborated with Year 5 to make and curate a multi-media exhibition based on the story The 3 Little Pigs.

The pupils were introduced to the space in which their work would be exhibited. They did a range of drama and story-telling workshops and made art to bring the story telling to life.

This was a really exciting project to work on. Pupils were introduced to and worked alongside artists, story tellers and architects (a RIBA company based in East London). The outcomes for pupils learning went far beyond our expectations. This was a problem-solving project that asked pupils to use their creativity to make a whole-story experience.

At Ronald Ross our priorities for raising attainment are focused on literacy and in particular writing. We have been using Pie Corbett’s guidance on improving writing by giving pupils time to ‘get inside’ a story and retell it many times over. This was exactly what was required of our pupils during this project. It was wonderful to see them get in role as the story teller; learning new vocabulary, thinking about their audience and remembering the sequence of events. Pupils invited younger children to the exhibition and retold their stories with great enthusiasm.

Too often with the pressures of an over-crowded curriculum pupils do not have time to reflect and evaluate their ideas. As this project took place over a few weeks, pupils got the chance to revisit their ideas and make adjustments or improvements. The time they spent in groups with the architects gave them ample opportunity for doing this as they physically built or represented the Pig’s houses using different materials. This is the first time they have been engaged with planning and building a physical environment and a fantastic introduction to Architecture.

There were numerous outcomes that came to light as the project came to its conclusion. The pride Year 5 felt at seeing the exhibition taking shape and their own work being show-cased so publicly was a massive boost to their self-esteem. The story itself contained many PSHE links from risk-taking to homelessness and as part of the project children had time to explore, for example, what makes you feel safe at home.

Working with Sprout Arts on this project was an unforgettable experience for all those involved. Work from the exhibition will be displayed in the school and anyone wanting to hear the story of the project will have no trouble finding a volunteer to enlighten them.