Sir Owain




The ‘Sir Owain and the Lady of the Well’ Story Walk

On a beautiful Bank Holiday Monday 5 May 2014 a wonderful event, a medieval Story Walk, took place on Tooting Common. Two parades set off one from each end of the common. One from the Balham Boxing Club at the Triangle and one from Sprout Community Arts on Moyser Road in Furzedown.

Like a carnival, the people paraded onto the common with choirs singing, drummers drumming and celebration poles flying. A Giant Spirit of the Wild standing more than two meters high made by Chestnut Grove School Art Students led the way from the Triangle whilst a red and gold glistening Dragon chased by a magnificent Lion came rushing down from Furzedown.

The two parades met in a cacophony of sound and colour with The Young Voices and Great Gustos choirs, Maypole dancers and Stilt walkers, Hawkers plying their trades of hog roasts and ice cream, jugglers and fire-eaters. There was Fanshen Theatre Company with their Applecart and Blackshaw theatre Company brought the characters from Alice. There were old fashioned stocks with sponges soaking up the water and splattering on faces, coconut shys and castles, Black Knights and horses and the wonderful boxers from Balham Boxing club showing how hard those Knights of old would have to train. All in a wonderful mix of community spirit, fun and resilience.

And of course a story! An old tale about a Knight and a Lady, the coming of the summer and the changing of a destiny. A tale retold from the ancient tales of King Arthur by Bernard Kelly and June Peters told on this glorious day with June herself and Jamie Crawford from New Haven.

A fantastic day was had by all in celebration of the coming of the summer and the communities who live around the common.

 Listen below to snippets of the story retold by June Peters and Jamie Crawford

Outline of the story


The Madman


The Well


The Wild Herdsman